Level 1 Juice Cleanse
Level 1 Juice Cleanse

This is our deepest cleanse and will be absolutely adored by green juice lovers and juicing experts.

This programme contains mostly chlorophyll-packed veggie juices, sweetened with apple juice. The healing and cleansing properties of these juices are heightened by the superfood supplements used in each bottle.

Recommended for experienced juicing lovers. Also for individuals and beginners who cannot have too much sugar in your diet, just start with a day at a time and build from there.

Total calories (juices only): 572 Kcal

Level 1 Juice Cleanse
Happy Apple
Lemon Aid

Happy Apple Our recommended sports drink for workout recovery. A sweet and nutritious green juice made with ingredients rich in organic sodium that naturally occurs in greens to replenish what was lost during exercise. Loaded with great alkalising vegetables such as cucumber which is rich in silica for the skin and celery, rich in luteolin providing anti-inflammatory benefits and helps prevent skin cancer. Kale is one of the richest and anti-oxidant of all greens and is loaded with sulforaphane, a potent anti-cancer and antimicrobial properties.

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Per
    100 ml
  • Energy
    27 Kcal
  • Protein
    0.6 g
  • Total Fat
    0.2 g
  • · Saturated Fat
    0 g
  • · Trans Fat
    0 g
  • Cholesterol
    0 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates
    5.5 g
  • · Sugar
    5.5 g
  • · Dietary Fibre
    0.1 g
  • Sodium
    20 mg