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1. How is your cleanse different from others?

Juice cleansing can be done in many ways that differ according to what you drink and how much. It also depends on your experiences and preferences.

At nood food:

  • Our cleanses are formulated with a balanced combination of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and superfoods. When ingredients are balanced correctly this allows the most ideal detox
  • We use fewer fruits and more vegetables to promote healing in the body as well as cleansing
  • The juices are pressed using as much organic produce as possible. Each organic ingredient is indicated with an asterisk (*)
  • You will not find added sugars or preservatives. All sugars and sodium you see naturally occur from the ingredients
  • We include different options of cold-pressed juices, green smoothies, and nut mylks according to the various levels of cleanses.
  • Juices are never left unrefrigerated which keeps enzymes and nutrients intact

2. So what do I do when I buy the cleanse?
We have a juice cleanse guide that comes with the cleanse programme and will give you all the information you need to get the best out of it, so don’t worry!

3. When should I drink my supplements and juice?
We advise you take supplements at particular times of the day, but you can choose when to take the others. If you drink your juices every 2-3 hours you can spread them evenly throughout the day.

4. Do I still take my vitamins and medications?
If you are currently under any medications, please consult your doctor before starting a juice cleanse programme, especially if you are taking blood thinners, anticoagulants or you have any kind of problem with regard to blood clotting issues. Green juices are a rich source of vitamin K which is a natural clotting agent. Furthermore grape fruit juice might affect the absorption of certain medications. Therefore, it is advised you consult your physician before doing a juice cleanse.

5. What else can I do to maximise the benefits of a juice cleanse?
During a cleanse try to get some moderate exercise like gentle yoga classes (which can help lymphatic stimulation) Walking for 20-30 minutes Massages are also recommended, especially lymphatic and deep tissue massage as this can help drain toxins out of the body. Saunas are also good to help your body sweat end remove toxins. Breathing exercises are very important during a juice cleanse, as they will help your body feel calm and release any stress of the day. Try to do more relaxing activities and not get involved in stressful interactions. Do your best to sleep well (around 8 hours) as this will also help your body recover and restore during your juice cleanse. Colonics will remove toxins from the body

6. I don’t like the taste of green juices, can I skip them?
These juices have the most healing properties; they should be taken during the process to get the most out of detoxing.

7. Can I smoke or drink whilst doing a cleanse?
No way, during a cleanse you want to keep your body away from any intoxicants such as cigarettes and alcohol. Taking these substances will cancel many of the positive effects because your body will be much more receptive and sensitive to substances entering the system. P.S. for some people, doing a cleanse may also help you quit. A few days of purging your body of toxins allows you to form a clear decision (not affected by nicotine) on how much you really want a cigarette.

8. When should I stop a cleanse? (for cleanses lasting 5 days+)
Take a break from a full cleanse and move slowly back towards solid foods to allow your body time to acclimatise if you experience the following: * Fatigue (after five days or more of cleansing) *Weight loss (significant loss of weight is apparent after seven days) * Faintness or drowsiness (a drowsy feeling due to low blood pressure continues after seven days)

9. Can I have sparkling water?
Sparkling water will add gas to your system, which might exacerbate the bloating condition seen in some people during a cleanse. We wouldn’t recommend it.

10. What is a healing crisis?
During a cleanse individuals experience something commonly termed a “healing crisis” where uncomfortable conditions arise. There is no need to be alarmed as they are simply a sign of toxins leaving your body. (If you do show these, it also means you were in more need of a cleanse than you thought!)  If you experience any of the following symptoms, do not be worried because they will soon disappear and leave you feeling fantastic. Acne and/or rash, perspiration Caused by toxins leaving through the skin. The skin is our largest organ and the most direct path out of the body for many toxins. Message to smokers - if you are cleansing to stop smoking, you may lose more liquid as your body expels the nicotine through the pores of the skin. Headaches, mood swings, irritability These are signs of bodily chemical change.  Naps, casual walks and deep-breathing exercises will help overcome this. Fatigue A sign your body is hard at work pulling out toxins from the past- it requires a lot of energy! You may feel weaker during and after your cleanse but this will stop. Coughing, wheezing, aggravated asthma, sore throat and/or nasal congestion Caused by toxins leaving the lungs and nasal passage Dizziness, nausea, joint pains, hot flashes, palpitations, restlessness, light-headedness Caused by toxins leaving through the liver. Diarrhoea, bloating, flatulence, vomiting Caused by toxins exiting the body through the stomach. The cleansing action of raw juices will begin to rinse the stomach and stir up accumulated food debris within the intestinal walls and expel faecal matter. Mental clarity After drinking the first glass of juice in the morning on an empty stomach, 10-15 minutes later the following signs are characteristics of raw energy rush. The mind is clear, vision is sharper, fingers tingle and abdomen tightens.

11. Can I have soft drinks?
We don’t recommend it during a cleanse. In fact, we don’t recommend it at all. Water with lemon or citrus juice or tea will help you flush out the toxins better.

12. Is it all right to drink tea with sugar?
We do not recommend refined sugar because it has been stripped of most of its vitamins and minerals, but if you MUST, you can add a small amount of coconut palm sugar or flower nectar- It’s natural and has a lower GI than most conventional sweeteners such as white or brown sugar and molasses.

13. Will I become light-headed if I’m not having any solid food?
It is true that in some cases, people experience dizziness but in general, having a fluid diet clears your mind and improves your ability to think because less energy and blood is required for digestion and therefore more energy is available for the brain. (The brain consumes about 20-30% of the body’s energy.)

14. Can I drink Black Tea while doing a cleanse?
Black tea contains caffeine which is not recommended during your cleanse.

15. There are times when I just can’t be drinking a juice, if I have some light solid food like a green salad, will all my juicing efforts go in vain?
While we recommend that you choose a viable time or period for your cleanse, we understand complications in life do happen. If following a juicing regiment has become somewhat of a problem, please limit yourself to light food such as vegetable soup, raw or slightly steamed green vegetables to minimise the impact on your juice cleanse.

16. Will I get enough energy if I don’t have any solid food at all
Yes, our juices have been specially formulated to meet your daily basic energy requirements and since minimal energy will be required for digestion, you will feel an energy boost for your other metabolic processes.

17. What order do I drink my juices in?
Each juice has an index number, as does each supplement. When you receive your juices, take a look at the leaflet provided where we have provided a table to help you match your juices to supplements.

18. Must I drink the juices in that order?
Yes and no. We order our juices for the best benefits for you. For example, your stomach is able to absorb and assimilate nutrients much better when it’s empty in the morning, which is why we always have citrus juice in the morning to trigger your digestive systems for better absorption of the rest of the juices. That said, it will still be all right if you prefer to have half of your nut mylk first thing in the morning for some slow-release energy from protein.

19.Why is my urine pink?
You don’t need to worry, it is simply the colour pigment of the beetroot in your juice