nood food is where healthy meets delicious. We make cold-pressed juices, raw foods and superfood smoothies from organic ingredients sourced locally wherever possible to promote sustainable healthy living.

Our produce is grown in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Since no artificial pesticides , fertilisers or genetically engineered materials are used, this ensures not only our food, but our air, soil and water are free from toxic chemicals.
Cold-pressed juices
Cold-pressing is an effective method of extraction which minimises the use of high heat and air, thus resulting in a quality juice with more flavour and a longer shelf-life.
Superfood smoothies
Smoothies consisting of the entire fruit or vegetable blended together are easy to include for a healthy lifestyle. By throwing superfoods into the mix, these drinks contain ingredients with some of the highest concentrations of nutrients to the gram.
Raw food
Raw food has not been put under extreme temperatures because heated at 46°C (115°F) onwards, enzyme activity and nutrition begin to diminish. The use of nutrient-dense superfoods in our recipes means each of our products is packed with taste as well as maximum nutrition.
Juice cleanses
A window to the power of food as medicine, juicing can help to detoxify the body and provide an opportunity to learn more about your body and changes you need to make to lead a healthier life.

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