Hello, Summer! Detox & Reboot
with Jackie Lam

1-3 June
Yuj Yoga Studio
About the Workshop
With the onset of warmer weather, Yuj Yoga and nood food bring you a new detox experience to shed winter build-up. This 3-day workshop is comprised of daily yoga classes, a 1-day Juice Cleanse, one 3-course menu and a talk on healthy eating. Get on track with your health and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit!
Jackie Lam

About The Teacher
Jackie considers herself a passionate Yoga practitioner and professional instructor. She embarked on her Yoga journey by attending yoga classes as a practitioner in 2011 before completing her first 100-hour teacher training 3 years later. The subsequent year saw her honing her skill and consolidating her training further with renowned Yoga guru, Master Samrat Dasgupta. Her passion for Yoga training now extends to prenatal Yoga.

In 2017, Jackie joined Adidas Training Academy, where she has since taught community classes to adults and college students. Jackie has enjoyed the numerous benefits that Yoga offers, including relieving stress, increasing self-esteem and easing pain. She hopes to help her students become healthier and happier through the experience of Yoga.
Moises Mehl
About The Raw Food Chef
Raw Food Chef, Moises or Moy has been practising raw veganism for years. Food and nature for Moy are synonymous, his diet reflecting the idea of “living Gaea.” Living Gaea describes the Earth as a metaphorical living organism that exists in harmony with other living beings.

A yoga teacher and certified Raw Vegan Chef from the prestigious Matthew Kenney Academy and Elaine Love Pure Joy Academy. Moy’s particular areas of focus include conscious eating, devising a personalised diet regime, and preparing a juice fast detox programme.
He is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Raw Vegan Spiritual Nutrition at the University of Integrated Science California and The Culture of Life Institute. His menu showcases raw snacks, main dishes and desserts that are chock full of superfoods. He is delighted to create foods for those who practise conscious eating and seek a more accessible way of maintaining health and balance.
Schedule & Description
1 June (Friday) 7:15pm – 8:30pm at Yuj Yoga Studio
Day 1:
15-min Workshop Introduction

60-min Restorative Yoga 
A practice of relaxing yoga and breathing exercises to be done in a warm room targeting the liver, kidneys and spleen, cleansing the internal organs and detoxifying the emotions.

2 June (Saturday) 11:00am – 1:00pm at Yuj Yoga Studio
Day 2:
90-min Vinyasa
A dynamic yoga session where participants practise flow Yoga (Vinyasa) together for a greater detox experience.

30-min Health Talk by Moises Mehl | Raw Food Chef at nood food

*1-Day Juice Cleanse, selecting from levels 1 to 3 + active cleanse

3 June (Sunday) 10:00am – 12:00pm at West Kowloon Nursery Park
Day 3:
75-min Gentle Flow Yoga 
A gentle practice that will take place at West Kowloon Nursey Parkamidst the nurturing fresh air and sunshine. After practice, participants can picnic together at the park with their bring-along lunch.
45 min Q&A session
*1-Day Healthy-licious 3-Course Menu
Coconut Yoghurt
Green Machine
Roasted Pumpkin and Hummus Salad
Berry Creamy
Quinoa Burrito Wrap
Option A
Full Workshop + 3-Day Juice Cleanse package (20% off):
1-3 June
Early-Bird Price (ends on 18 May): HK$1,880
Regular Price (last order on 25 May): HK$2,350
Option B
Full Workshop + 1-Day 3 Course Plant Based Diet Menu + 1 Day Juice Cleanse package (20% off):
1-3 June
Early-Bird Price (ends on 18 May): HK$1,245
Regular Price (last order on 25 May): HK$1,556
Option C*
Full Workshop + 5-Day Juice Cleanse package (20% off):
*we expect applicants to finish the cleanse from 1-5 June
*Selection of Cleanse: Levels 1-3 and Active Cleanse
To enrol in this workshop:
1) Customer must make payment to Pure Kitchen Limited (HSBC : 848-393179-001) and provide payment receipt to christopher.yiu@allnood.com
2) nood food will send workshop cleanse order form to customer
3) Customer completes cleanse order form and sends to christopher.yiu@allnood.com

Delivery Schedule:
1) nood will deliver the Day 2 Juice Cleanse to Yuj Yoga Studio on 1 June at 8:30pm, ready for customer pick-up after Day 1 Workshop.
2) nood will deliver the Day 3 Healthy-licious 3-Course Menu to nood food Peninsula Office Tower on 2 June between 5-9pm, ready for customer pick-up on 3 June morning.
Early-bird 20% Discount:
Early-bird Discount ends 18 May 2018. Please see above for listed prices.

No refund or credit will be given for cancellation starting 25 May 2018.
All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee that will be deducted from your refund.

Complimentary gift from nood food:
nood food A-Z ingredients glossary (Valued at HK$60)

Complimentary gift from John Masters Organics:
Organic Traveling Set (Body Wash, Body Milk and Toning Mist)

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