nood food first opened in August 2013, welcoming both Pure Cardholders and the public to Pure Yoga Asia Standard Tower. It became an instant hit, first catering to yoga practitioners and eventually becoming a one-stop shop for “healthy-licious” salads, soups, wraps, sandwiches, cold-pressed juices and superfood smoothies.
Since then, nood has expanded to over 20 locations in Hong Kong and Singapore, mostly located within a Pure Fitness centre or a Pure Yoga studio.
Each location provides a different nood experience. Our grab-and-go fridges located in key places around the cities serve cold-pressed juices, salads, sandwiches and raw food snacks, while our juice bars serve up made-to-order superfood smoothies, açaí cups and freshly-concocted health shots.
June 2014 marked the introduction of the nood food SoHo location in Central and our entry into full-serviced cafés. At our flagship cafés, we offer the widest selection of items including hot menu items, rotating salad bars and freshly-made organic breakfasts.
We are a strong believer in the well-known adage, “You are what you eat”. By sourcing some of the best ingredients from around the world and preparing them with the least amount of processing, we are able to preserve optimum nutrients and serve food in its purest form.
It’s our mission to educate consumers in Asia by offering “healthy-licious” organic juices, smoothies, sandwiches and wraps that never skimp on taste. Food without preservatives or additives are at their nutritional peak – and we advocate the consumption of such fare by creating accessible and delicious recipes that are the foundation of a
health-conscious lifestyle.
nood food. Get in the mood.
The People behind the Food...
Chef Moy
Raw Food Chef, Moises or Moy has been practising raw veganism for years. Food and nature for Moy are synonymous, his diet reflecting the idea of “living Gaea.” Living Gaea describes the Earth as a metaphorical living organism that exists in harmony with other living beings.

A yoga teacher and certified Raw Vegan Chef from the prestigious Matthew Kenney Academy and Elaine Love Pure Joy Academy. Moy’s particular areas of focus include conscious eating, devising a personalised diet regime, and preparing a juice fast detox programme.

Inspired by his travels and studies all over the world, Moy sees nood food as a way to:
1. offer detox programmes and foods that are both delicious and nourishing to help busy people counterbalance their periodic overindulgences  
2. contribute to sustainability by maintaining the lowest environmental impact through organic and local products.

He is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Raw Vegan Spiritual Nutrition at the University of Integrated Science California and The Culture of Life Institute. His menu showcases raw snacks, main dishes and desserts that are chock full of superfoods. He is delighted to create foods for those who practise conscious eating and seek a more accessible way of maintaining health and balance.
The People behind the Food...
Chef Pong
Chef Lee Kin Pong and food go a long way back. Though he fell into the restaurant industry by accident, he thinks becoming a chef was his destiny. He fondly recalls eating out as a child with his large family (his grandmother had 8 children!), particularly the weekly ritual of Sunday dim sum that involved 2-3 tables and a few hours spent at Man Shau Kung on Jordan Road, one of their favourite and most frequented restaurants at the time.

Pong has been Group Executive Chef at RED Bar + Restaurant since it opened in September 2004.

With all the years in the F&B industry he has gathered, nood food has opened up Chef Pong’s eyes to an entirely new world of food and he could not be more excited. He too is undergoing food and nutrition courses to further his training in food, and now raw food.