Here at nood food, we’re committed to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE to make our world a greener place.
We’d like to encourage all our customers to bring in their own containers for nood food purchases. In return, we will take HK$3 or SG50c off the total bill*.
Less disposable packaging used, money saved and a happier Mother Earth. Everybody wins! So get your old lunch boxes and smoothie bottles out, get healthy-licious goodies at nood and save (wallet and earth) away!
Taking these small steps can hopefully make a big difference towards a greener road.
nood food team
*Terms and Conditions.
- Multiple discounts may be enjoyed as discount applies per container per purchase.
- This discount only applies to smoothies, soup, counter salads, SoHo hot menu counter items, açaí cups, coffee and tea available at the time of purchase at a nood food location.
- HK$3 discount applies to purchases at Hong Kong nood food locations.
- SG50c discount applies to purchases at Singapore nood food locations.
- Only regular nood portions will be served regardless of container size brought.
- nood food reserves the right to resolve any dispute at its absolute discretion.
Date of Event: 14 Mar, 2018